PCB For Vehicle

Production Information (Vehicle ):

Layer: 2 L
Special: pad 7oz, line 2oz
Plate thickness: 0.22 + – 0.03mm
Materials: sf305c1050 + S1141
Chemical nickel gold: nickel Ni: 4.407-4.636um
Au: 0.051-0.071um


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What is a PCB in a car?

As a reputable PCB For Vehicle supplier, our PCBs have revolutionized how we drive and use our vehicles, from airbag sensors to anti-lock brake management to engine controls and even GPS support. Nowadays, these PCBs are highly essential as everything in the car in your driveway or the fleet in your business’ yard relies on them.

Moreover, we have extra and efficient windshield overlays, heads-up displays, in-cab navigation systems, and other electronics. They allow you to relax when driving and ensure a highly reliable support system, long-lasting and highly competitive in price.

PCB Applications and benefits in Vehicles

Our efficient PCB For Vehicle manufacturers offer the best PCB for vehicles applicable for numerous applications. Our printed circuit boards for cars help deploy airbags, which ensure and prioritize safety. It is necessary for providing static electricity and also allows to deploy airbags at the right time.

We have high-quality PCBs which ensure and facilitate audio and video equipment of cars. You can have stereo and video display devices in your vehicle with PCBs board connected to it. Moreover, they are beneficial for global positioning systems or GPS.

Another application of our PCB For Vehicle supplier provide is listed below:

  • Antilock brake systems
  • Communication equipment
  • Power converters
  • Engine coolant level monitors
  • Engine timing systems
  • LED brake lights
  • Power distribution junction box
  • Remote diagnostic systems
  • Security systems
  • Transmission sensors

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