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Shenzhen Jihuo Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in PCB design (PCB layout, high-speed PCB design, PCB drawing board), consumer electronics and industrial product solution technology development and PCB manufacturing. The main services include high-speed PCB design, PCB, PCBA production and PCB template and chip processing, electronic components procurement, chip welding processing services.

Circuit boards mainly produce double-sided and multi-layer boards, serving most of the electronic products: digital, communications, automotive satellite navigation, computer motherboards, household appliances, automotive audio, etc. The company’s production processes include gold deposition, gold plating, lead / lead-free tin spraying, oxidation resistance (OSP) and HDI board.

PCB layout design mainly includes industrial control, military industry, network communication, aerospace, chip company, computer server, automotive electronics, scientific research, portable equipment, power supply board, mobile phone board, network products, communication products, computer motherboard, graphics card and other high-speed multi-layer high-density PCB layout and wiring design, to provide customers with design services in line with international standards.

Our company always adhere to the “integrity, reliability, efficiency, fast” service concept, to provide customers with PCB and PCBA one-stop solutions and products。


Tin plate: Engineering Processing →Cutting →Drilling→ Conductive Film →Pattern transfer →Pattern electroplating copper → Tin→Etching →Tin Stripping → Solder Resistance →Text →Tin Spraying → Forming→  Testing→ FQC →Packaging and Shipping

Gold plate: Engineering Processing→ Cutting→ Drilling → Conductive Film →Pattern Transfer →Pattern electroplating nickel gold → Etching→ Testing →Resistance Welding →Text →Forming →FQC→ Packaging and Shipping

Gold plate: Engineering Processing →Cutting → Drilling →Conductive film→ Pattern Transfer →Pattern electroplating copper → Tin → Etching→Tin stripping → Solder Resistance → Text→ Gold deposition → Forming →Testing →FQC → Packaging and Shipping