We Are Manufacture And Design Pcb And Pcba With Quick Response And Honest、Reliable Service



We Are Manufacture And Design Pcb And Pcba With Quick Response And Honest、Reliable Service


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About the Company

Shenzhen Jihuo Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in PCB design (PCB layout, high-speed PCB design, PCB drawing board), consumer electronics and industrial product solution technology development and PCB manufacturing. The main services include high-speed PCB design, PCB, PCBA production and PCB template and chip processing, electronic components procurement, chip welding processing services.
Circuit boards mainly produce double-sided and multi-layer boards, serving most of the electronic products: digital, communications, automotive satellite navigation, computer motherboards, household appliances, automotive audio, etc.

Get The High-Speed PCB Board At An Affordable Price- The Leading Shenzhen Jihuo PCB Manufacturer

Are you looking for a high-speed and advanced PCB design? Shenzhen Jihuo Technology Co., Ltd is the leading China PCB manufacturer and a go-to place for you. We are providing specialized PCB design, including high-speed PCB design, PCB layout, PCB drawing board, and PCB manufacturing.

As a reputable PCB manufacturer, we ensure that PCB has high tech performance, leading to faster, easier electronic assembly. Also, it is highly user-friendly and enabled the formation of circuits with multiple components – impossible with manual work.

What is a general-purpose of our PCB?

Being a PCBA manufacturer general-purpose of our company is t provide our customer the best quality in town. Our PCB printed board is prepared using high-tech circuit traces with chemicals and just a small soldering, which help arrange the desired position components.

We have all the variation and innovative features, including single layer, double layer, and Multilayer. Also, we ensure the board has many types of surface treatment for best performance.

Advantages of choosing our PCB

China PCB manufacturers prefer PCB prototypes rather than standard production as it offers several advantages. We ensure our products will give the best performance in every situation and prove to be beneficial. The benefits of using our PCB prototyping deals and services include:

Fast Turnaround Time: Our PCB prototypes significantly produce more efficiently and rapidly than PCBs’ standard production. We also value our customers your time and ensure we provide you your order for prototypes in as little as two days.

Ability to Detect Flaws Early: Our PCB manufacturer has designed advanced prototyping, enabling you to catch design flaws at the initial product development stage. It will save you money and also relieve you from problematic design.

Ability to Test Components Individually: Our PCBA manufacturer ensures individual testing of multiple PCB-based components and guarantees you the product’s quality.

Accurate Representation of Standard PCB Performance: it will give you an accurate representation of how your final production module will accomplish.

Efficient Project Completion: Using PCB prototypes enables you to spot and correct design flaws. Also, reduce the project’s overall cost by detecting which components you need to adjust early and quickly.

Improved Final Product: PCB prototyping facilitates a focus on perfecting each PCB and component, resulting in a higher-quality design.

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